Creating content

While taking a content marketing course, I came across a great analogy developed by Ann Handley to help people determine what should be in their content mix. We all create and consume content, that’s for sure. Before the internet, content was consumed from printed copy, magazines, newspapers, and television. Well, things have changed and social media has had a massive effect on all of the above. If you’re interested in creating content, on the other hand, Ann Handley makes you think about the content in food groups. 


These are large content initiatives: definitive guides, large e-books, or anything that has a promotional plan that’s extensive behind it. These would be your big rock pieces. The raisin bran are everyday pieces of content.They are quick and consumable, like cheat sheets, checklists, and best practices.


These are content items packed with nutrients. This is your high-level thought leadership. This could be a report that presents findings that you have in a survey. It could be a really high-level e-book, an executive piece of thought leadership. Either way, you need to make sure that these items are included in your overall content plan.

Tabasco sauce

This is content with some spice. Content that challenges, asks hard questions, or provokes responses. Your Tabasco content is often best on a blog post, so definitely take that into consideration. A content plan and an editorial calendar can help you stay organized, so you need to make sure that you are adhering to this mix.

Chocolate cake

These are your fun, light-hearted, and indulgent pieces of content. This could be infographics, any type of special projects you’re creating, fun videos. Ideally, these are pieces of content that you’re sharing on a regular basis on social channels.


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